Carbon Neutral Website

By Green Evolution S.A.

This Website is Certified Carbon Neutral by CO2 Neutral Seal, the Certification Scheme of Green Evolution SA. CO2 Neutral Seal monitors and continuously measures the emissions associated with the Website visitors, the servers hosting the Website, and the networks that connect them, showing data on Website emissions and offering to clients enhanced tools via an account in the CO2NS Registry. To this end, a new advanced open-source calculation methodology is employed that uses traffic data from Google Analytics and utilizes advanced calculations algorithms. CO2 Neutral Seal estimates the Websites’ carbon footprint for a period of time - as referred in the current certificate, fully offsets it through an equivalent amount of high-quality carbon credits and ensures the declaration validity of the active certificate for the registered Website.
WEBSITE CERTIFICATE Co2ns-0083-1-16-12-1-c
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Certificate Period Footprint


Chart?chs=150x100&chf=bg,s,00000000&chco=0b8bc4|94bf3b|000000&chd=t:0.885017239898720894775317003,0 Server: 562,97 kg CO2eq Visitors: 73,14 kg CO2eq


Detailed Report


Offset History